Portugal, Lisbon

I had the pleasure to visit Lisbon for work. It is a stunning city and the old architecture is just outstanding. On top of that the food is great and really affordable! I would recommend it to everyone:)

The pastry’s are great and the food is pure and tasty, there is plenty fresh seafood. I had a great experience in Lisbon. I was there for work so I only had half a day to enjoy the city. But the historic centre of the city there are some great shops and beautiful sights.








Grand beach hotels Miami

Grand Beach hotels Miami

Miami beach is a stunning area, but where to stay when you are not looking to spend thousands? Grand beach hotels offer luxury at reasonable prices, the hotels are stunning and the second you walk in it makes you feel like you walked in to a 5 star hotel.

At the moment there are 2 in Miami beach.

1 Grand beach hotel surfside; this is the newer one with a gorgeous adult only rooftop pool. I think this hotel is in a great area. It is near shops and restaurants and overall the area seems a bit more happening that the second Grand Beach hotel on Collins Ave.

2 Grand beach collins ave, this is the older one, great beach location and not too far off south beach.

Both hotels have a great interiors loads of marble and stunning neutral colours.






Key Largo

key largo heaven

The Florida keys are great, I just want to especially mention the beaches at the Hilton resort in Key Largo, great views. The food in the restaurant is slightly boring but the view makes up for it! There are a couple of places you must visit when in Key Largo

1. Ocean Gardens at Islamorada, this absolutely amazing interiour design shop has some great pieces that can really provide you with great souvenirs from the area. It is the ocean version of India Jane, very stylish. They also deliver to Europe!


2. Kaiyo Sushi & Grill. Great seafood and Sushi. I would recommend the chef’s menu, absolutely stunning flavoues and great athmosphere. Chef Emilio has an absolutely great knowledge of Japanse cuisine. (See my post on this place, it has some more pics of the food).



Moshi Moshi Miami south beach

Moshi Moshi Miami

During my trip in Miami I had some great food there are definitely some great recommendations:

1. Grill fish, great fresh seafood lovely wine selection

2. Moshi moshi sushi, amazing fresh sushi great new combinations and not overpriced.












Kaiyo sushi & grill Idlamorada

Kaiyo sushi & grill

At the moment I am staying at the Hilton resort in Key Largo. It is a great resort and the beach is magnificent but the food is a bit dull. I did some googeling yesterday and found Kaiyo via the Urban spoon website.

I never expected to experience such amazing food definitely star quality.

The quality of food was really at Michelin star level. As we came in on a saturday without reservation the only seats available were at the bar. At first I felt like these were not the best seats, but soon I realised these were actually the best seats in the house. We choose to take the chefs menu which was individual and absolutely stunning! Because we were sitting at the bar we were in direct contact with chef Emilio and he made everything to our taste, I can absolutely recommend this to anyone in the area!

Definitely one of the best dinners I had while traveling trough the states.






Good morning Manhattan

Good morning Manhattan

Welcome to NYC. The city that hosts some of the best shops and restaurants. I had such an amazing time in New York, the food was spectacular and the shopping for sneakers surprised me.

Keens steakhouse; this is one of the best steakhouses, the chateau briande is just gorgeous. Pricey but totally worth it, best steak I have ever tasted!

Junior’s at Grand Central station; great traditional jewish combo’s like Motze ball soup and corned beef sandwiches, best cheesecake of NYC.

The diners; all around NYC you will find diners/ deli’s these are all great the food is not too expensive but super tasty.

Little Italy; great italian food in this area.

Laduree; best macaroons in the world, they have a colab with Nina Ricci at the moment the window display is magical!